Tired of all the touts and cappers that only promise but never deliver? So were we! So we developed a solid analytics based model that is constantly updated with the latest data. This provides us with trustworthy information to provide with the best plays possible. Add a team of analysts that focus on one or two sports at a time and you have the human insight element. Finally we wrap that with our honest, up-front, no BS service and you have the perfect combination, a sports consulting service you can trust.

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We don't play every game, we let the plays come to us. We don't offer different plays or packages (no UBER MAX plays or whale plays), we are equally confident in all of our plays. Simple, straightforward, and most importantly fun, the way it should always be!

If you're looking for proof of our performance you can view our documented record on the Action Network:

Click here for Our Action Network Record

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the plays posted?

Plays are posted no less than hour prior to game time, giving you plenty of time to get in on the action.

How many plays per day are posted?

The number of plays will vary based on the number of games and the value we find that day.  This will generate an average of 2 to 3 high quality plays per day.